Sea Sub Services, with the skill given by long years of experience, has been carrying out different types of under water work since 1984. Our Company’s good name has been earned through quality work thanks to a duly trained team of divers with great eagerness and a strong will to work.

As well as other worldwide famous certifying companies, thus AENOR has acknowledged us issuing our Quality Certificate, ISO 9001:2000, in 2004.

Additionally, the recent construction of a 2-storey building for offices and storage at Gijon’s International Harbour, as much as the introduction of state of the art technology, ashore and underwater, and together with being able to get to anywhere in the world in 24 hours make us realize that we are presenting and active and modern company with a great aptitude for safety carrying out and guaranteeing the different professional diving operations.

Therefore, many customers have placed their trust on us and, for a long time now and year after year, they renew their maintenance contracts with us.

Our employees’ safety, our know-how, our concern with our customers’ equipments and our environment awareness currently present Sea Sub Services as one of the best and most honest options within the

n-water surveys

Contancting for


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