In-water surveys

Human resources
Contancting for


Kirby Morgan helmets, Exo and Ocean Reef masks with underwater communications


“Fibron” umbilicals between 50 to 150 meters long for air surface supplied diving
SCUBA diving equipments
LP air compressors
HP air compressors
Power generators
Gas distribution panels
Air filters
Communication switchboards
Tow-van with CCTV display systems
CCTV display systems with 150 meter long umbilicals
Autonomous filming systems
TV screens
300 meter long boom with anchorages for oil spill response

Medidor de espesores

Underwater pneumatic borings for anchoring in concrete


Full and autonomous underwater cutting and welding systems
Underwater digital photo-cameras
Refloating balloons between
500 kg to 5 tons
Thickness measurement system
Portable hyperbaric air-oxygen chamber: chamber, pre-chamber and medical lock
“Valiant” pneumatic boat, 7.50 meters long and 200 HP Mercury out board engine
“Valliant” pneumatic boat, 5.20 meters long and 50 HP Yamaha out board engine
3 vans and 1 Land Rover

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